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Originally the vision of founder Sharon McDermott – a commercially-astute lawyer with over 20 years’ telecoms and technology experience – Trenches has grown to be one of the most renowned legal firms in this fast-growth sector.

Recognising the pace and complexity of the electronic communications industry – not least when it comes to Code Powers and Wayleaves – we have filled an important gap in the market. And, we believe we’re nothing like your average legal practice.

Our collegiate is made up of strategic professionals who have lived and breathed the world of fibre, connectivity and technological infrastructure, for most of their careers. We also work hard to recruit specialists local to clients’ projects as nobody will know the area quite like them. As a result, we speak the same language as our clients, know how and when to take and manage risks that support business growth, and provide proactive advice to aid legislative compliance every step of the way.

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What we do

Working with some of the UK’s largest telecoms operators, wholesalers and resellers – plus planners, construction companies and emerging brands throughout the channel – we deliver legal counsel, managed wayleave services, contracts negotiation and more.

For example:

  • We help major carriers roll out efficient MDU implementation strategies, so they can connect as many properties as possible, first time round, thus protecting their design and build costs.
  • We liaise with freeholders to allow network expansion on their land or within their properties, which prevents project delays or indefinite stalls for the operators.
  • We offer practical commercial advice in plain English and find pragmatic solutions that keep programmes moving – we have a keen eye on our clients’ business objectives, as well as adherence to the law.

Love or hate the term, we have the ability to become a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the organisations we work with. But there’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ approach…

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How we’re different

Whether a client approaches us for ad-hoc support or a fully-outsourced, end-to-end service, our fees are nothing like those of a typical city law firm. We understand the price-per-premise business case, for instance, so when it comes to wayleave support, that’s how we charge too, rather than by the hour.

This is all part of our commitment to building long-term, honest relationships with our clients – not to mention freeholders and their representatives – and it sees some of the UK’s biggest telecoms brands come back to us time after time. We believe in the power of cooperation and have been known to close multi-million-pound deals in which every party feels like they’ve won.

We purposefully set out to be different – practical, flexible and creative. We hope we’re the legal partner you’ve been looking for…


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Meet The Team

Every member of the Trenches Law team is committed to the same thing – the highest standards of legal support for the telecoms industry. Here are the people who kickstarted our journey…

Sharon McDermott
Sharon McDermottFounder
Trenches Law’s founder Sharon McDermott is a senior telecommunications lawyer, having spent 18 years with…
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Terry Daniell
Terry DaniellFounder
Having worked in the telecoms industry for more than 25 years, Terry understands this environment inside out…
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