“Trenches is practically unique in the industry – commercially-astute lawyers with a sharp eye on organisations’ strategic objectives, but above all, knowledgeable about the tech sector. They therefore make savvy, swift decisions that a regular city law firm would struggle to emulate.”

Tim Mercer, CEO, VapourCloud

Who We Are

Recognising the pace and complexity of the electronic communications industry – not least when it comes to Code Powers and wayleaves – Trenches was established to fill a market gap. We’re a team of strategic professionals who have lived and breathed the world of fibre, connectivity and technological infrastructure for most of our careers. As a result, we’re proud to have quickly grown to become one of the most renowned legal firms in this fast-growth sector, trusted by some of the UK’s most well-known brands.

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"I’ve found working with Trenches Law a breath of fresh air. The team have a lot of telecoms experience and this shows in the way they approach their work. I’ve found their attitude, approach and knowledge incredibly helpful in negotiating commercial contracts and also for any advice regarding the wayleave and property elements of the telecoms sector."

Dave Ferry, ITS Technology Group

“It’s a busy time for us as a telecoms operator that is also building new fibre optic networks, and we’re preparing to further ramp up our new roll-outs. It’s therefore important that we have access to high quality and ultra-responsive legal support.

When it comes to assistance with documentation and contractual work, Trenches Law is one of the very best in our industry. They have significant expertise in this complex environment and their sector presence is notable. They're always available and very approachable."

Graham Sargood, Chief Executive, Box Broadband Limited

"Trenches Law is our go-to legal partner - the team helps with everything from stakeholder negotiations and the preparation of MSA templates, to the provision of practical advice which helps us remain agile, mitigate risks and keep advancing our business. I am very impressed by their speed, level of experience and fee structure. Organisations have sadly become used to paying over the odds for the expertise of a traditional legal practice, but there's nothing traditional about Trenches Law!"

Steve Dunn, Director and Founder, 1823 Group

"We consider the Trenches team a true part of our business. Nothing is a problem, we are in regular weekly contact, and their strategic approach to legal compliance is something we would struggle to find elsewhere.”

Mike Goodwin, Head of ultrafast network design and optimisation, TalkTalk

“We outsource all of our wayleaves to Trenches, across the whole of the Isle of Wight. They recognise, assess and mitigate risks in a way that an ordinary lawyer – however competent – simply couldn’t do. They are genuinely passionate about the tech sector, have a vast level of legal acumen within the team, and their business model is exactly what WightFibre needs. Trenches have also taken care to get to know our local environment and to adjust their approach accordingly.  The fee structure, charged on a per premise basis, is exactly what WightFibre needs and maximises the number of premises we can serve. Trenches’ commitment to WightFibre’s project makes them pivotal to the success of the project and an important part of the team.”

John Irvine, CEO, WightFibre

“Trenches is our preferred telecoms legal specialist. They don’t just consider regulatory requirements from a compliance perspective – they approach every problem or opportunity strategically, so that we can keep moving as a business. Their incredible level of industry experience means we often agree terms that make business sense, and we seek their wayleave support as required too. Often this has to be done ad hoc, and Trenches are always really quick to respond and deliver outputs."

Axel Focht, Operations director, Luminet

“Trenches is not your average law firm – maximising revenue while minimising risk is without a doubt the team’s USP. Their level of telecoms industry experience means we always have a robust approach to contract management – we’ve secured multi-year deals with their help and they’ve been our legal counsel on dozens of deals. We recognise that you can’t always anticipate disputes, but the speed with which they find a resolution is something we couldn’t find elsewhere. I would highly recommend Trenches.”

Tom O’Hagan, CEO, Virtual1

“I’ve known Trenches’ founder Sharon for many years, from her time at Virgin. She is well-respected in this field, and Trenches is Map Group’s ‘go to’ legal advisor as a result. They review our tenders, manage legal disputes, mark-up T&Cs – the list goes on. It is their flexible approach that means they
are an important part of the team when it comes to securing deals.”

Mike Carlin, CEO, The MAP Group

“Trenches has supported toob with the acquisition of wayleaves as part of our fibre network roll out. We selected Trenches based on their experience and willingness to work with us, to develop an effective process. Since their appointment we have been delighted with the support they have provided and impressed by their willingness and ability to refine their approach and adjust their focus to meet our requirements.  I wholeheartedly recommend Trenches they are effective and a joy to work with.”

Nick Parbutt, CEO and founder, toob

"Sharon is practically unique in the industry – she is a commercially-astute lawyer with a sharp eye on organisations strategic objectives, but above all she is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the tech sector. This therefore means she makes savvy, swift decisions that a regular city law
firm would struggle to emulate."

Tim Mercer, CEO, Vapour Cloud
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Our Services

Two key services, all expertly designed for clients in the technology sector…

Whether delivering fully managed services or support on a specific planning matter, we initiate proactive dialogue with landowners and local authorities to enable network expansions.

Regulated by the SRA, drawing on our portfolio of commercial law expertise, we are frequently asked to become our clients’ bolt on legal team – covering everything from Code Power applications to the management and resolution of disputes – to fuel business growth and compliance.

Guiding commercial clients through the negotiation of wayleave agreements so they can legally and accurately progress the installation of electric vehicle charge points, at pace.



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